Available Now

Updated March 20, 2022.

We have enough breeding stock that we always have something available. If we don’t have what you are looking for now, we will soon.

If you are interested in Holland Lops, they are usually reserved long before their go home date. Please contact us to learn what is available now or to get on the list for the next litter.

Our breeding bunnies…

This is Jordan. a chestnut agouti. Jordan is a registered Holland Lop through ARBA.
This is Juliette. She is an Opal.

Our current kits…

These Holland kits are from Cupcake, a broken blue, and Jordan. We believe the two on the right are chinchillas but it is too early to say for sure. The other two are broken blues like their momma.
These are our latest Hollands from Nala and Romeo. Romeo is a harlequin while Nala is a blue-eyed white with the white ear gene. They always have the most colorful babies. This litter includes three harlies and one black tort.

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