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Nala and Romeo made babies

Color Abounds We finally got the opportunity to make some images of some of the new kits. We think they are pretty adorable. Perhaps, you agree. Note that these are Holland Lops at only 3 weeks old. Their ears will start to drop over the next 5 weeks. More pictures to come.

Panther Ridge

On Saturday, Oct. 9, we delivered 5 rabbits to The Panther Ridge Conservation Center. We are super excited to work with this non-profit organization. They are a conservation center for many species of big cats. From their website, “Panther Ridge Conservation Center in Palm Beach County, Florida, housing species such as cheetah, jaguar, leopard, cloudedContinue reading “Panther Ridge”

Bunny News

We finally picked up RFB Jordan from Renew Farm Bunnies. It was worth the wait. Already he is a rock star. The other bunnies were very interested in their new neighbor. He has adjusted well to his new environment and we are slowly transitioning him to our feeding program. Transporting, changing diets, new environments canContinue reading “Bunny News”

About Me

Hi, I’m Randy. While Beth handles the day to day chores of managing the rabbitry, I handle all the Social Media accounts, the website, and the business side of our hobby. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or input for our sites. Thank you!

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