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Our experience has been that we cannot keep our kits for long. They are so cute and loveable they are reserved/adopted soon after they are born. In order to ensure that you have the opportunity to own one, we suggest completing the form below and getting on our list for consideration for adoption.

Adopting a new pet bunny is no different than adopting any other pet. Bunnies can live up to 10 years if nurtured and loved. They need the basics of food, water, and shelter, but they also need love and companionship. They are social animals and need mental stimulation. Please consider this as you fill out the form. We will contact you after you complete the form to discuss how to proceed.

Discover Quality

We breed Holland Lop, Satin, and New Zealand rabbits. We offer many different levels of commitment depending on your goals.

Our show quality bunnies are intended for those who plan to enter their bunny in sanctioned rabbit shows. A pedigree is offered for all of these bunnies. These include all of our breeds depending on how they compare to the ARBA Standards Of Perfection for each breed.

Pet rabbits are sold with the idea they will not be shown as they are not representative of the ARBA SOP. Rather than providing a pedigree we offer a certificate of birth as a record of parentage. These rabbits are handled often to ensure they will make great companions and pets.

Meat rabbits are sold with the idea they will be bred or raised for meat production. These are our New Zealand and New Zealand/Satin crosses. These rabbits will produce a very high meat to bone ratio. The meat is very lean, healthy, and delicious. There are literally hundreds of recipes on how to prepare rabbit meat.

Once an agreement has been made for adoption, we require a 50% deposit for reservation with the balance paid on delivery. We use Zelle as our online payment option.

Reserve your bunny

To reserve a bunny, call us at (321) 231–7117 or use the form below.

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