Beth Lovoy

Bunnies became a passion for Beth at 5 years old when she got her first bunny. Fast forward to 2020 when she decided to bring bunnies back into her life…in a BIG way.

Beth’s Bunnies grew out of a desire to raise rabbits as a clean sustainable protein source. Once the meat line was established with New Zealand rabbits, Beth decided to add show quality, pedigreed breeds to the program. After careful research and many miles traveling to some of the best breeders, we added pedigreed Satin and Holland Lop bunnies to the breeding program.

Our rabbitry is cleaned and maintained daily. There is ample air flow and on particularly hot days the bunnies are provided frozen water bottles to help them stay cool. We feed Purina Complete as our main pellet but each bunny gets treats from the garden every morning. We also provide each cage with plenty of high quality hay. The bunnies are handled regularly when they are moved into the protected exercise yard where than can socialize, play, snack on weeds and grass, and explore.

Breeds offered
  • Satin – Siamese, Blue, Black, Broken
  • Holland Lop
  • New Zealand
  • Blue Eyed Whites (New Zealand with Vienna gene)

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