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We have found certain products work well around our rabbitry and other products not so much. In an effort to help our owners choose the right supplies, accessories, and materials, we have partnered with Amazon to create what we consider a pretty good list of items. Any monies collected from our Amazon partnership goes right back into our rabbitry. Purchases from this list will help us maintain our rabbitry to the highest standards. We truly appreciate all who make a purchase from these links and contribute to the success of our rabbitry.

If you are interested in showing your bunny, you need this book!

We use this training stick to train our bunnies.

Want to show off some bunny humor? Buy this shirt. I love the comments I get when wear this shirt.

A fun tube to add to your bunny play area. Our buns love exploring the “rabbit hole”.

Interested in breeding and genetics? This book is a “must have”.

If you plan to show, you will need to have your bunnies tattooed. This is one of the best tattoo pens available.

These are the cage pads we use to help protect our bunny’s hocks.

Taking your bunny for a walk is easy with this bunny leash.

These are great for your bunny’s teeth. Plus they provide minerals that help your bun’s health. They are often out of stock. Any brand will do.

This is the stroller we use to take our bunny “out on the town”.

These are excellent for your bunny’s teeth.  They use them as toys as well, pushing them around their cage.

We use this comb to groom our bunnies’ fur.  Great way to spend some quality time with your bun friends.

Fun read! This book was first published in 1942. The author clearly understands young rabbits in a new home. Though an older book, the info is timeless.

There is an alternative to store bought pellets. And it is healthier, too!

Your rabbit is smart. Prove it with logic toys!

This logic toy has been a challenge but it is fun to watch Jordan “work it out”.

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