Bunny News

We finally picked up RFB Jordan from Renew Farm Bunnies. It was worth the wait.

Already he is a rock star. The other bunnies were very interested in their new neighbor. He has adjusted well to his new environment and we are slowly transitioning him to our feeding program.

Transporting, changing diets, new environments can all be stressful for baby bunnies. They are no longer with their siblings or their mom. New noises, interactions, smells, and the way they are handled can be overwhelming. It is important to go slow, give them some space and allow them to get used to all the new experiences. It is important to handle them but not to over do it. A little goes a long way during those initial days in a new home. Once you see that they are drinking enough water and eating hay and food, then you can start to integrate them more into their new home.

Jordan, or Jordy as he has come to be called around here, was very nervous at first. We let him explore the bunny room for a few minutes. We held him in our laps and offered him some hay. Within a few minutes he started grooming and hopping around with more vigor. He is so cute when he stands up. We put him in his new cage after about 15 minutes.

After a few days of the same routine, he is now fully adjusted and full of life. He bounces around, sniffs and rubs EVERYTHING, and loves to run through the bunny tunnel.

We look forward to many happy years with our new little buddy.

Published by Randy Lovoy

I am a husband, father, and teacher.

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